Macrame Firsts

I like to look up craft ideas on YouTube and recently a video popped up for a Macrame Plant Hanger.  I thought to myself, “Hmm I must try this at some point”!  While I was shopping in ‘The Range’ recently for other craft material, I happen to see some Macrame cotton reels on the shelf.  There was only two colours to choose from.  I opted for ‘Beige’ and  1 reel cost €4.50.  With cotton in hand I couldn’t wait to follow this simple plant hanger video.  Beginners video here.

I was very pleased with the result and since I had plenty of cotton reel left I moved on to make a more advanced hanger which included beads.  Picture of the completed plant hanger to the right.  I knew I had some random assorted beads in my craft store.   This second project took me a full day, with breaks to eat, of course!  The perfect project for a dull and rainy day.  The ‘Macrame Plant Hanger with Beads’ video is here. It is now handing in my kitchen.  The plant is artificial from IKEA.

I wanted to make the first simpler plant hanger again, this time with beads added, as a gift for a friend.  I wasn’t sure I would have enough cord for the bigger project.  It turned out very nice with it’s pink and lilac beads.  I was able to use skills from both videos.  It was very easy to make and didn’t take a lot of time.

Here it is in the photo to the left.  I hung it from the lamp shade in the middle of the room for the photo shot.

I totally recommend trying out Macrame.  As someone who knits and crochets, this is one that I feel anyone could try and master quite easily.  The cotton reel seems to also go a long way.  So far, I have two plant hangers for myself and this one for a friend and there is still plenty of cord on the roll.  If I was a bit more left brained I would work out in advance how much cord each hanger would use, but I’m not, so I’ll leave that to you.

By the way, the wooden rings above the loops on both plant hangers are old curtain rings.  It is not part of either video tutorial but just something I added myself.  You could also think about using sea shells, buttons etc. in place of beads.  And…  it is not necessary to use Macrame cotton, you can use twine, wool or rope – the options are as limited as your imagination.

Another ‘string’ to my bow 🙂

I hope you will give it a go.

Anne ♥


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