Hormones in Harmony

Hormones in Harmony

Learn How to Balance your Hormones with Lifestyle and Nutrition

What are the signs of hormone imbalance?

Do you usually think of hormones only in association with reproduction?  Yet, hormones affect our mood, mental and physical well being, energy, appetite, sleep, concentration, ability to cope with stress, resilience to life’s ups and downs, weight management and of course, fertility and gender specific hormonal issues.

What conditions are associated with hormone imbalance?

Low mood, Insomnia, Anxiety, Fatigue, Poor Concentration, Weight gain/inability to lose weight, Sugar or salt cravings, Low or high blood sugar levels, Pre-diabetes, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause symptoms, Fertility issues, Recurring Thrush, Cystitis.

Conventional medicine will recognize and treat symptoms of Insomnia, for example, as a separate and unrelated condition to PCOS.  However, there is a connection!  At the root of all of these conditions lies an imbalance in two specific hormones that we all have.  This imbalance can create a domino effect on the rest of the hormones in the body, throwing them off balance too.

What will you learn at the workshop?

What is the best medicine?  Understanding Nutrition – know your Macro /Micro and Phytonutrients.  Mindful eating practice!  Get to know your body’s messengers and what they do – the hormones and neurotransmitters – that need to be balanced!  Learn how to bring those hormones back into balance naturally with dietary, specific nutrition and lifestyle actions that you can implement straight away.  Learn what breathing and relaxation techniques work best to support stress reduction for hormone balance.

When, where, hosts and how much?

When:  Saturday 7th September, 2019  (10.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.)

Where:   Mary Leahy Yoga Centre, Kells (see details below)

Host(s):  Anne O’Sullivan (Nuritional)  & Mary Leahy (Holistic) Therapists

Cost:  €60   (€20 deposit as places are limited) Pay with PayPal click here


Mary Leahy 
Mobile:    086 8707609

Anne O’Sullivan
email:  limelightnutrition@gmail.com  or use the contact form by clicking here

Location:   Eircode (A82D1W4) Navan to Kells Road (R147) on the right
2.7 km (approx. 3 min drive) from 'The Silver Tankard' Restaurant & Bar