The Fat Factor

When you hear the word ‘fat’ you don’t automatically think of the macronutrient ‘fat’.   Fat can also refer to fat in the body or to someone carrying excess weight.  We can distinguish carbohydrate and protein as food groups more easily than fat.  Protein is involved in muscle growth in the body but we don’t call it ‘muscle’. Talking about fat can therefore be confusing but from this point on, I am referring to fat ‘the macronutrient’ as a constituent of food!  In college we had an information sheet for clients called ‘Fat Phobia’.  Interesting title!  Before I read it I thought it must be about ‘a fear of becoming fat’.  It turns out the phobia is a fear of eating foods containing fat.  If you are now thinking ‘isn’t that the same thing’ then I hope by the time you have finished reading this blog your perception will have changed. This assumption that fat makes you fat is outdated and untrue.  You need fat!  The right fat!  There is not just one type of fat but many, and as with all food groups there is the good and the best avoided varieties.  It is vital to know the difference.  Fat phobia is real and many people are on a mission to eliminate fat in order to lose weight, not realizing how important it is for their health.  Choosing quality over quantity and making small dietary adjustments could make a big difference to your health.  Read on to learn more about your dietary fat factors!!

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