The Threads that Connect Us

              Lucy Lamb ♥

A friend of mine passed away in March 2015.  It was eight years ago yesterday 5th March, and as I recall, it was a freezing cold day then too.  In the months that followed, her daughter gave me some wool and knitting needles that belonged to her Mam.  Among the items in this handover was a plastic bag (an Arnott’s plastic bag….definitely a thing of the past!!) with a photocopy of a pattern for this knitted toy.  She had started knitting it and had completed the legs. The pattern looks like it was photocopied from a magazine.  I was never sure if I had the whole pattern and whether there was enough wool to complete it.  So, I put it on the long finger, until recently that is, when I decided to finally tackle it.

To my great surprise the pattern was in full and it turned out there was also enough wool to complete the toy.  It knitted up super quick.  The loopy wool was a little bit tricky to manage but it was just a matter of being careful as the loops would make it easy to drop a stitch and not know you’d dropped it.  In no time I was putting it all together and stuffing it.  I have a box of random buttons from my mother’s old sewing box.  I found two buttons which proved to be perfect for the eyes.  I had to Google to find what colour eyes lambs have, since the pattern was black and white. They have brownish/yellowish coloured eyes.  I was able to stuff the body with some foam stuffing that came out of an old bed topper (I saved it thinking it might come in handy…. I was right!!) and the smaller parts I stuffed with some toy/cushion stuffing from tShe craft shop.  I’m so pleased with the result and if you can get your hands on this or similar loopy wool, then I recommend it as a super quick and easy knit.

Before Christmas ’22 I parceled it up and sent it off in the post to my friends daughter who lives abroad.  SURPRISE!!!  She reminded me when she got it that her mam had both a grandniece and a granddaughter called Lucy.  I never made the connection until it was pointed out to me.

“Threads that connect us across time” ❤️

Job done…. at long last!

I have made a PDF copy of the pattern.  You can download it if you like and give it a go.  Just click Lucy Lamb Pattern below.